The Foundation

Northern Ghana with its capital Tamale is the poorest part of Ghana and has about 350.000 inhabitants. The degree of schooling is very low so the illiteracy is high and only few speak English. Most children from neighbouring villages do not go to school, because there is no money, they nurse there younger brother or sister or have to work the land with their parents. The parents are often unaware of how inportant schooling is for their childrens future.

Kidz Active together with donators, volunteers and local teachers have build a school for these children. The classes are small but the classrooms are big so there will be time and room for individual teaching.

Of most importance is the English language because it is the official language in Ghana and therefore important for future job fiending. Computer lessons, hygiene and health information will be on the schedule as well.

We want the children to feel at home so the school must have a domestic feeling. De school has 6 classrooms but we want to build 2 more.

There will also be a kitchen to supply food for the children and a pavillion so the children can eat their meals at school.

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